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Point-of-Care Anticoagulation Monitoring Devices: A Better Alternative?


CADTH’s health technology assessment report on point-of-care anticoagulation monitoring devices examines the clinical and cost effectiveness of point-of-care devices used to monitor long-term oral anticoagulation therapy. How well do these devices work? Do they offer value-for-money or cost savings to the health care system? Are there factors, such as convenience, that should be considered?


Research Highlights (Key findings for health care providers, policy makers and administrators, four pages)

Technology Overview (Summary of the full Technology Report, 16 pages)


Access the complete Technology Report, Point-of-Care Monitoring Devices for Long-Term Oral Anticoagulation Therapy: Clinical and Cost Effectiveness; this Technology Report has been extensively peer reviewed by internal staff, and by external clinical and methodological experts:

Report in Brief (one page)
Technology Report (55 pages) 
Appendices (35 pages)


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