Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts is now closed. Decisions will be sent to submitters in January 2018.

The 2018 CADTH Symposium will be held at the Halifax Convention Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia; April 15-17, 2018. The theme is Managing Health Technologies: Supporting Appropriate, Affordable, and Accessible Care.

CADTH is an independent, not-for-profit organization responsible for providing Canada’s health care decision-makers with objective evidence to help make informed decisions about the optimal use of drugs and medical devices in our health care system.

The CADTH Symposium is widely considered to be a “must attend” event for anyone with an interest in the assessment, uptake, and management of drugs and medical devices in Canada. The CADTH Symposium attracts 700 to 850 delegates from across Canada and beyond, including health researchers; health economists; senior leaders from government, regional health authorities, hospitals, and other facilities; clinicians, patients; students; and industry representatives. As one of the major health technology assessment conferences in the world, the CADTH Symposium offers a unique opportunity for delegates to learn from local, national, and international experts and to share expertise and knowledge.

Presentation Formats

Abstracts will be accepted for presentations in the following formats:

Breakfast Session

Breakfast sessions are 45 minutes long and must address a topic relevant to CADTH Symposium delegates. A breakfast session may involve a panel or a single presenter.


An interactive session on a specific topic of interest to producers or users of evidence-based information on drugs and medical devices. Workshops can be a full day (six hours) or half-day (three hours).

Panel Discussion

Panel discussions are 75 minutes long and provide different perspectives on a topic relevant to CADTH Symposium delegates. Panels can include a maximum of four experts (plus a moderator). Abstracts must indicate if identified panellists are proposed or confirmed. Preference will be given to abstracts with confirmed panelists. Panel abstracts with proposed panellists may be given provisional approval, subject to confirmation of all panellists within two weeks. Please note that it is not necessary to confirm panellists from drug plans. Identify the proposed ministry panellist and CADTH will follow up directly with the ministry. Abstracts should identify the panel moderator.  CADTH can assist in identifying a moderator if necessary.

Oral Presentation

An oral presentation will be 15 to 20 minutes long, including time for questions. Oral presentations will be grouped thematically (usually three or four presentations). The length will be determined by the number of oral presentations during a concurrent session.

Poster Presentation

A poster presentation can be a good way to present targeted research or significant work in progress. Posters will be displayed for the duration of the CADTH Symposium. Poster presenters will have an opportunity to exchange ideas one-on-one with delegates and to discuss their work in detail.

Please note that presenters and panellists are responsible for all CADTH Symposium-related expenses, such as registration, accommodation, and travel.

Details of CADTH’s Patient Group and Student Travel Awards Program will be announced on the CADTH Symposium website in September 2017.

Who Should Submit An Abstract?

Presentations from all interested parties are welcome. These include:

  • federal, provincial, and territorial health care policy-makers, economists, and regulators
  • health care executives and managers from health regions, alliances, hospitals, and long-term care facilities
  • researchers (from non-profit organizations, universities, regional health authorities, hospitals, and other settings)
  • health economists
  • knowledge transfer and exchange professionals
  • clinicians
  • representatives from the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, and consultants
  • health care associations and patient groups
  • professional associations
  • graduate and undergraduate students studying in a health or health technology assessment-related field.

Symposium Objectives

The objectives of the 2018 CADTH Symposium are to:

  • provide a forum for productive discussion between parties committed to the use of evidence-based information and advice to inform policy, influence practice, and improve health
  • provide education and training that will build the capacity to produce and use evidence-based information on drugs and other health technologies.
  • foster a better understanding of the perspectives of different sectors in the health system and the challenges they face and to jointly look for solutions and new approaches that will enhance the quality and sustainability of health care in Canada.

Preference Will Be Given To Abstracts That:

  • support the CADTH Symposium theme
  • have high relevance to health policy-makers, health care providers, and other decision-makers
  • are of high quality (balanced approach, clearly outline the topic, methodology appropriate to the subject, clear explanation of results or outcomes, appropriate length (250 words)
  • provide real-life examples of evidence-based initiatives that contribute to health system sustainability and improved health outcomes
  • outline approaches to supporting policy and operational decisions that increase the impact of evidence-based information, analysis, and advice.

Note: Some invited sessions and presentations may also be incorporated into the program.


Abstracts can be submitted in English or French, however they must be written in the language in which they will be presented. Simultaneous translation will be provided at plenary sessions and may be provided for some concurrent sessions at CADTH’s discretion.


The abstract must include the presentation’s purpose and intended audience, and a brief description of the presentation. The abstract must be 250 words or less. Please attach a brief (50 words maximum) narrative biography and picture (JPEG format [minimum of 200KB] of each presenter.

The following information must be provided in the abstract:

  • Title — one that clearly identifies your presentation
  • Submission contact — name, title, organization, contact information
  • Presenters — names, titles, organizations, contact information, confirmed or proposed status
  • Authors — names, titles, organizations, contact information
  • Panel Moderator, if applicable — name, title, organization, contact information

Poster Competition

CADTH Symposium Poster Awards consist of Best Overall Poster and Best Student Poster. To enter the competition, presenters must submit an abstract through the CADTH Symposium Call for Abstracts.

When registering, students will be required to provide confirmation of their full-time university or college attendance by including a written statement from the university or college. To be entered in the poster competition, the author must be able to present the poster in person and attend the Awards Luncheon held on Tuesday, April 17.

Questions may be sent by email to