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2018 Call for Nominations: Canadian Drug Expert Committee

CADTH is seeking nominations for multiple members, including one public member, for the Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC).

CDEC is an advisory body to CADTH that makes drug-related recommendations and provides drug-related advice through the CADTH Common Drug Review and Therapeutic Review processes. CDEC’s recommendations and advice are provided to CADTH to inform key customers: participating Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial publicly funded drug plans and a range of stakeholders within the health care system.

The following information may help when considering whether to let your name stand for nomination to CDEC.

Qualifications and Eligibility

Expert Member

CDEC expert members must be a qualified physician, pharmacist, economist, or other health-related professional with expertise in one or more of the following areas: general medicine, internal medicine, hospital or community pharmacy practice, clinical pharmacology, health economics, clinical epidemiology, health services research, drug utilization, research methodology or critical appraisal, ethics, or behaviour change.

More details are available in Canadian Drug Expert Committee: Member Role.

Public Member

Public members are not expected to have a clinical or research background; however, they will be required to review and synthesize considerable amounts of information. The primary role of the public members is to represent the views and values of contemporary Canadian society. Public members do not represent any particular group or organization.

More details are available in Canadian Drug Expert Committee: Public Member Profile.

Time Commitment

Nominees should be aware there is a time commitment of up to two days per month. This includes preparing for and participating in CDEC meetings, which are held in person 10-12 times per year in Ottawa. See CDEC Meeting Schedule.

Non-jurisdictional members may receive an honorarium in accordance with CADTH policy.  Expenses are reimbursed in accordance with CADTH policy.

Term of Appointment

CDEC members are appointed for a term of two years. Terms may be renewed once, at the discretion of CADTH’s President and CEO.

Nomination Materials

The following materials should be reviewed when considering or preparing a nomination:

  1. CADTH Canadian Drug Expert Committee Terms of Reference
  2. Role descriptions:
  3. Conflict of Interest Guidelines for CADTH Expert Committee and Panel Members (Note: These guidelines contain disclosure forms that nominees are required to complete and return as part of the application. Full disclosure is required from all nominees.)
  4. CADTH Code of Conduct 
  5. Statement of Interest and Qualifications
    CDEC Member Statement of Interest and Qualifications
    CDEC Public Member Statement of Interest and Qualifications
  6. Nomination Form
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Download the complete Nomination Materials Package (single PDF of the above documents).

Submission Checklist

The following materials must be submitted in support of CDEC nominations:

  1. Completed nomination form (complete online)
  2. Completed Statement of Interest and Qualifications
    CDEC Member Statement of Interest and Qualifications
    CDEC Public Member Statement of Interest and Qualifications
  3. Nominee’s curriculum vitae*
  4. Completed Conflict of Interest form
  5. Completed Code of Conduct form

*Documents may be provided in either Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

All materials must be submitted through our online form.

Please note: You cannot save the form part way through the process. The form will not time out as long as the internet browser remains open. Please ensure you have all materials complete and ready to submit before you begin filling in the nomination form.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. ET, Friday, April 27, 2018.

All nominees will receive a confirmation email when we have received their submission by May 4th. While CADTH thanks all nominees for their interest, only those under further consideration in the process will be contacted personally. All nominees will be notified by email once the process concludes, which is expected to be no later than end of July 2018.

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