2022 Call for Nominations: CADTH Canadian Drug Expert Committee

( Last Updated : November 28, 2022)

CADTH is seeking nominations for a patient member for the CADTH Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC). As part of the CADTH reimbursement review process, CDEC makes reimbursement recommendations for non-oncology pharmaceuticals to the participating federal, provincial, and territorial publicly funded drug plans. It also makes recommendations related to the identification, evaluation, and promotion of optimal drug prescribing and use in Canada.

If you have significant expertise in the Canadian health care system, are knowledgeable on the topic of health technology assessment, are interested in helping support health care decision-makers in making informed choices about health technologies, and are passionate about ensuring that the Canadian health care system is the best it can be, we encourage you to apply.

The following information may help when considering whether to let your name stand for nomination to CDEC.

Qualifications and Eligibility

The CDEC patient member represents the patient interest and has experience as a patient or caregiver, and demonstrated interest in issues related to health care at the community, regional or national level, and ideally has some experience working with committees. The patient member is a full member of CDEC with the same responsibilities and expectations, and subject to the same terms and conditions as all other members.

More details are available in CADTH’s Canadian Drug Expert Committee patient member role description document.

Time Commitment

Nominees should be aware there is a time commitment of up to 3 days per month. This includes preparing for and participating in CDEC meetings, which are held 12 times per year on a once-monthly basis, either through videoconference or in-person in Ottawa. Currently, meetings are being held through videoconference until further notice. See CDEC Meeting Schedule.

Members are eligible to receive an honorarium in accordance with the CADTH remuneration policy. See the Canadian Drug Expert Committee: Member Role document for more information. Expenses are reimbursed in accordance with CADTH policy.

Term of Appointment

CDEC members are appointed for a term of 3 years. Terms may be renewed once at the discretion of CADTH’s President and CEO.

Who Can Submit a Nomination?

For patient member positions, patients and/or family caregivers with extensive experience of the Canadian health care system may submit a nomination. Individuals from federal, provincial, and territorial jurisdictions, and relevant bodies that represent health and allied health professionals may also submit a nomination. Nominations may be submitted on the candidate’s behalf or interested candidates may nominate themselves.

If you have the qualifications we seek, or know someone who does, we invite you to submit a nomination.

Nomination Information

The following materials should be reviewed when considering or preparing a nomination:

Submission Checklist

The following materials must be submitted in support of CDEC nominations:

All materials must be submitted through our online form.

Please note: You cannot save the nomination form partway through the process. The form will not time out as long as the internet browser remains open. Please ensure you have completed all the required materials and are ready to submit them before you begin filling in the nomination form.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be received no later than April 25, 2022. All nominees will receive a confirmation of receipt email by Friday, May 6, 2022. While CADTH thanks all nominees for their interest, only those under further consideration in the process will be contacted personally by email. All nominees will receive an email notification once the process concludes, which is expected to be no later than Friday, July 29, 2022.

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