2023 Call for Nominations: Board of Directors

CADTH is seeking nominations for 1 member who has health system expertise (e.g., health care providers, hospitals, or any other organization or agency responsible for matters of public health) and 1 public member for its Board of Directors.

The 13-member CADTH Board of Directors (the Board) is composed of an independent chair; a regional distribution of jurisdictional federal, provincial, and territorial representatives; and a number of nonjurisdictional representatives from health authorities, academia, and the general public. Directors are elected by the Members of the Corporation, who are the Deputy Ministers of Health for participating federal, provincial, and territorial governments.

The Board has an overall responsibility for administering the affairs of the Corporation and providing the strategic direction to guide CADTH's success as the go-to provider of evidence and advice in Canada on the use of drugs and other health technologies.

The following information may help when considering whether to let your name stand for nomination to the Board of Directors.

Qualifications and Eligibility

CADTH seeks to maintain a Board comprised of talented and dedicated Directors with diverse experience, skills, and backgrounds and recognizes that qualifications may be gained through a combination of direct (professional) and indirect (lived) experience.

Nominees must have a broad understanding of the Canadian health care system, an understanding of the mandate of CADTH and its role in the health care system in Canada, and have previously served on a Board of Directors.

CADTH is seeking nominees who have experience in board governance, finance (i.e., budgeting, accounting principles, financial statements, and audit processes), strategic planning, data governance, procurement of health technologies, and who are mindful and focused on inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA).

For more detailed information on qualifications, please review the role description for the Public member role and the Health System Member role.

Time Commitment

The Board usually meets 5 times per year. Board meetings will consist of a mix of in-person and virtual meeting formats. Each Director is asked to serve on 1 of the standing committees of the Board, each of which meets approximately 4 times per year.

Term of Appointment

Directors are normally elected for an initial term of 3 years. Directors may be re-elected for a second 3-year term. For more information, please review the Board Charter.

Who Can Submit a Nomination?

Individuals from federal, provincial, and territorial jurisdictions and relevant health professional bodies, health and allied health professionals, and members of the general public may submit nominations. Nominations may be submitted on the candidate’s behalf or interested candidates may nominate themselves.

The CADTH Board of Directors recognizes that diversity of membership enhances its capacity for oversight of the organization and good governance. CADTH welcomes and encourages nominations from all qualified candidates, including women, Indigenous peoples, and persons of all races, places of origin, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities and expressions.

If you have, or an individual you know has, the qualifications we seek, we invite you to submit a nomination or to self-nominate. You must submit nominations through our online form.

Nomination Information

The following materials and instructions should be reviewed when considering or preparing a nomination for the CADTH Board:

Submission Checklist

The following materials must be submitted in support of Board nominations, by filling out the appropriate statement of interest and qualifications form and uploading your CV or bio.

All materials must be submitted through our online form.

Please note: You cannot save the form partway through the process. The form will not time out as long as the internet browser remains open.
Please ensure you completed all the required materials and are ready to submit them before you begin filling in the nomination form.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be received no later than Monday, April 24, 2023. All nominees will receive a confirmation of receipt email. While CADTH thanks all nominees for their interest, only those under further consideration in the process will be contacted personally by email.

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