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CADTH Common Drug Review Patient Input

Through its Common Drug Review (CDR), CADTH conducts rigorous and objective examinations of new drugs, and existing drugs being proposed for new indications. CADTH then provides reimbursement recommendations and advice to Canada's federal, provincial, and territorial public health plans — with the exception of Quebec, which administers its own review process.

This section of is devoted to gathering input from patient groups to ensure that issues important to patients are incorporated into the CDR process in a formal and meaningful way.

The input is considered by the Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC) — an independent CADTH advisory body — when making formulary listing recommendations. Following deliberation of the available evidence, CDEC may recommend that a drug be reimbursed; that a drug be reimbursed with clinical criteria and/or conditions; or that a drug not be reimbursed.

When to Submit Patient Group Input to CADTH

Manufacturers are required to provide CADTH with notification of a pending CDR submission or resubmission before formally filing with CDR. Calls for patient input and the respective deadline are posted on the Open Calls for Patient Input page 20 business days in advance of the applicant’s anticipated date of filing. A total of 35 business days are provided for preparing and submitting patient input.

In addition to posting this information, CADTH sends out a notification through its CADTH E-Alerts and its Twitter accounts (English: @CADTH_ACMTS; and French: @ACMTS_CADTH).

Steps for Providing Patient Input

  1. Review the Instructions for Providing Patient Input to the CADTH CDR for information about the type of input CADTH is requesting, how it will be incorporated into the CDR process, and the process for submitting it.
  2. Download the standard Patient Input Template for CADTH CDR and pCODR Programs.
  3. Complete the template.
  4. Submit the completed template by using the "Submit Feedback" link next to the drug in question on the Open Calls for Patient Input page.

Please note that patient input should be submitted:

  • through an organized patient group, if one exists
  • by the posted deadline
  • in English or French, must be in .doc, .docx or .rtf format. (For example, Microsoft Word, Pages, etc.)

Tracking Progress and Recommendations

CADTH provides updates on drug reviews as they move through the CDR process. We also publicly release the recommendations made by the Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC).

To obtain this information, simply locate the drug in question using the search engine, or the CDR drug table.

CADTH produces a number of newsletters and updates to keep you informed about the release of our latest reports and recommendations, opportunities for input and feedback, and our special events, including our annual CADTH Symposium. To receive these updates, please register and subscribe to the communications that you'd like to receive.

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions about the patient input process or a patient group submission, you can refer to the Procedure and Submission Guidelines for the CADTH Common Drug Review, call CADTH at 1 866 988 1444, or email us at Those who file online submissions receive an immediate automated email acknowledgement.

The process for providing CDR patient group input was developed in consultation with patient groups, the participating drug plans, and other international drug review agencies. CADTH intends this process to be user-friendly, and we welcome any suggestions or comments about how it can be improved. These may be submitted to