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Approaches to Diagnosing Acute Pulmonary Embolism in Canada: current practice, challenges, and availability of testing

Last updated: September 8, 2017
Project Number: ES0307-000
Product Line: Environmental Scans
Result type: Report

CADTH undertook an environmental scan to identify and summarize information regarding pulmonary embolism (PE) imaging in Canada. The scan described current practice, challenges, and enablers in diagnosing PE, and the availability of tests, scans, and tools for diagnosing PE.

The key objectives of this environmental scan were as follows:

  • Identify current practice related to diagnostic strategies for PE in Canada
  • Identify challenges and enablers in the diagnosis of PE, including relevant implementation issues in Canada
  • Identify which tests, scans, and tools are available across Canadian jurisdictions and settings (i.e., urban, rural, and remote health care centres) for diagnosing PE.