Brent Fraser, Vice-President of Pharmaceutical Reviews

( Last Updated : September 23, 2009)

Brent Fraser is CADTH Vice-President, Pharmaceutical Reviews, with responsibility for the CADTH Common Drug Review, the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review, therapeutic class reviews, and optimal use projects, as well as drug-related Environmental Scans, Horizon Scans, and Rapid Response. Brent and his team deliver high-quality, relevant, and timely assessments of drugs using the best available science, tools, and methodologies.

Brent is known as a thoughtful, listening, and collaborative leader who translates evidence into recommendations and actions. He combines a pharmacist’s appreciation for the clinical and human implications of his work with strategic skills developed over many years of working in the field of drug funding decisions.

Brent holds an MBA from York University and a BSc in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto. He is a member of the Ontario College of Pharmacists.