Clinical Expert involvement in CADTH’s Optimal Use and Reimbursement Review Processes

Clinical experts are a critical part of CADTH review teams and are involved in all phases of the review process (e.g., providing guidance on the development of the review protocol; assisting in the critical appraisal of clinical evidence; interpreting the clinical relevance of the results and providing guidance on the potential place in therapy).

CADTH selects clinical experts based on the following factors:

  • Expertise regarding the diagnosis and management of the condition for which the drug or technology is indicated, or with expertise regarding the technology itself
  • Regional representation
  • Conflict of interest declaration
  • Availability to commit to review timelines

Clinicians interested in working with CADTH are encouraged to register.

Participation with CADTH is conditional on compliance with CADTH Conflict of Interest Guidelines. All clinical experts are subject to submitting a completed conflict of interest disclosure form for approval prior to working with CADTH.

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