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CADTH Patient Community Liaison Forum

The CADTH Patient Community Liaison Forum was established in September 2013 to provide a means to share information and collaborate on broad issues that generally apply to CADTH’s work and to patient groups.

The role of this forum is to:

  • Build understanding among forum members
  • Help to identify priorities for patient engagement activities
  • Facilitate the gathering of feedback on new patient engagement processes

For more information, see the Terms of Reference.


The forum meets approximately four times a year, most often by telephone. After each meeting a summary of the discussion is prepared by CADTH, approved by forum members, and shared on CADTH’s website. 

Previous meeting summaries:


The forum is made up of representatives from CADTH and from patient group coalitions. Membership in the forum is voluntary.

Members are chosen by their respective organizations to participate based on their knowledge and experience with topics the forum discusses.


Best Medicines Coalition

Paulette Eddy

Gail Attara


Trevor Richter

Alexandra Chambers

Ken Bond

Sarah Berglas

Canadian Cancer Action Network

Robin Markowitz

Marjorie Morrison

Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders

Wayne Critchley

Consumer Advocare Network

Durhane Wong-Rieger

Health Charities Coalition of Canada

Connie Côté

Seema Nagpal

Updated January 2018