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CADTH Patient Community Liaison Forum — Active 2013 to 2018

Members of the CADTH Patient Community Liaison Forum shared information and collaborated on broad issues that generally applied to CADTH’s work and to patient groups. See our CADTH Terms of Reference.

The forum achieved much in five years, including:

  • prompting educational materials on patient input (2013)
  • helping create the process for patient involvement in CADTH Scientific Advice (2014)
  • giving advice on open committee meetings and on pCODR and CDR alignment (2015)
  • prompting considerable reflection on opportunities for greater involvement of patients and the public in CADTH governance (2017) 
  • supporting the development of a patient and community advisory committee (spring 2018)
  • advising on CADTH’s framework for patient engagement in health technology assessment (autumn 2018).

The CADTH Patient Community Liaison Forum is no longer active.  

We sincerely thank all the members for their contributions over the years. We thank: Durhane Wong-Rieger and Wayne Critchley (Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders); Paulette Eddy, Gail Attara, and John Adams (Best Medicines Coalition); Connie Côté, Deirdre Freiheit, and Seema Nagpal (Health Charities Coalition of Canada); Marjorie Morrison, Jim Gowing, Louise Binder, Lynette Hillier, and Robin Markowitz (Canadian Cancer Action Network); and CADTH staff, who participated in meetings and prepared materials.