CADTH Pharmaceutical Reviews Update — Issue 22

( Last Updated : March 25, 2021)
Project Line:
Reimbursement Review
Project Sub Line:
Pharmaceutical Review Update


CADTH Program Updates

1.New Aligned Recommendation Template

As part of our ongoing initiative to align our reimbursement review processes, CADTH has revised the format of our recommendations reports. The revisions build upon the best practices of the previous oncology and non-oncology processes, with some additional new features designed to improve the overall clarity of the recommendations. The new features include:

  • a new, plain-language, 1-page summary of the recommendation, the reasons for the recommendation, and the key evidence that informed the recommendation
  • a new a key message section that provides stakeholders with an “at a glance” summary of the most relevant information from CADTH’s review.

These new sections will make our documents easier to understand, which is important to the patients, policy-makers, and clinicians who are affected by CADTH recommendations. The new recommendation format is being phased in during March and April of this year (2021).

2.Updated Fees for CADTH Pharmaceutical Reviews

CADTH has updated the Fee Schedule for CADTH Pharmaceutical Reviews. The updated document includes the annual fee adjustment based on the Consumer Price Index.

3.Revision to CADTH Pharmacoeconomic Requirements

CADTH has identified concerns with the transparency of models submitted in reimbursement review applications. CADTH has therefore revised the Procedures for CADTH Reimbursement Reviews to require that sponsors provide a transparent trace within the economic and budget impact models that is not hard-coded by Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Other Announcements and Initiatives

Call for Nominations

CADTH is seeking nominations for its Board of Directors and expert committees. We are currently accepting applications from individuals with significant expertise in the Canadian health care system who are interested in helping support health care decision-makers in making informed choices about health technologies.

In total, we are seeking 15 new members from across the country who have a range of education, experience, and skill sets. This is an exciting opportunity to help ensure that the Canadian health care system is the best it can be.

We are inviting nominations for the following:

  • CADTH Board of Directors: 1 academic member and 1 health system member
  • CADTH Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC): 4 expert members and 2 patient members
  • CADTH pCODR Expert Review Committee (pERC): 3 expert members and 1 patient member
  • CADTH Health Technology Expert Review Panel (HTERP): 1 chair, 1 health care practitioner, and 1 patient member.

Full details about each role, who is eligible to submit a nomination, and the nomination process are available on our website.

We are pleased to be offering an online nomination process. We ask that all interested individuals submit nominations via our online form by Monday, April 26, 2021.

If you, or someone you know, is suitable for one of the available roles, please submit a nomination, or encourage them to submit a nomination. Thank you for taking the time to consider this request and for sharing it with potential candidates.