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CDR Update — Issue 127

Last Updated: September 11, 2017
Result type: Reports
Product Line: CDR Update Newsletter
Issue: 127

1. Extended Initiation Range for January 2018 CDEC Meeting

CADTH has extended the initiation range for its Common Drug Review (CDR) submissions targeting the January 17, 2018 Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC) meeting. Reviews initiated by September 20, 2017 will target the January 2018 CDEC meeting (revised from September 11, 2017).

2. Pharmacoeconomic Models Using Java Code Will not Be Accepted by CADTH

CADTH will not accept pharmacoeconomic models that use JavaScript coding for submissions and resubmissions filed for review through the CDR process.

3. Reminder: CDR Templates

It is important that applicants pay careful attention to CDR documentation to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Do not download and archive templates as they are subject to change. Applicants should ensure templates are obtained exclusively from the CADTH website and that they only use the latest versions posted.