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CADTH pCODR Advisory Committee

The CADTH pCODR Advisory Committee (PAC) provides strategic advice for pCODR's ongoing development and management, and provides advice on cancer-specific issues to ensure the pCODR program meets the needs of the provincial and territorial governments and cancer agencies.

CADTH pCODR Committee Terms of Reference
Last Updated: April 2016


The PAC consists of ten senior appointees, representing the participating jurisdictions (six senior level provincial and territorial Ministry of Health representatives and four senior level cancer agency representatives). pCODR's Executive Director acts as an Ex-officio Member of PAC. The pERC Chair is an observer of PAC meetings.


The PAC is led by a Chair and Vice-Chair chosen by the voting members.


Scott Livingstone (Chair)
CEO, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
Patricia Caetano (Vice-Chair)
Executive Director, Provincial Drug Programs, Manitoba Health
Helen Anderson
Provincial lead, Systemic Therapy, BC Cancer Agency
Tijana Fazlagic
Director of Formulary Management, Pharmaceutical Services, British Columbia Ministry of Health Services
Michele Evans
Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Funding and Guidance Branch, Alberta Health and Wellness
Dave Morhart
Acting Executive Director, Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch, Saskatchewan Ministry of Health
Angie Wong
Acting Director, Ontario Public Drug Programs, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Scott Gavura
Director, Provincial Drug Reimbursement Programs, Cancer Care Ontario
Kathleen Coleman
Acting Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Services and Extended Health Benefits, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness
Susan Pierce
Pharmacist, Non-Insured Health Benefits Directorate, First Nations & Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada/Government of Canada
Atlantic Canada Cancer Agency Member