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Partnerships and Linkages

They say that many hands make light work. What they don’t mention is that many hands can also teach each other better ways of lifting.

Our pan-Canadian scope enables CADTH to bring together players from across the country for the goal of better health care through evidence-informed decision-making. We also provide a platform for Canada to bring home best practices from outside its borders — and to promote our own best practices externally — through participation in international health evidence forums.

These partnerships and strategic linkages help to:

  • increase Canada’s capacity to produce and use evidence-based information
  • improve the quality of health research
  • extend the community of evidence producers and users
  • facilitate access to and use of evidence-based information.

Partnerships take many forms, including:

  • co-sponsorships of individual projects
  • collaborative work
  • ongoing information sharing
  • networking
  • secretariat support.

Current partnerships

CADTH has partnerships with the following federal agencies and national organizations, each one contributing in a different way to Canada’s capacity for evidence-informed decision-making in health care:

CADTH provides secretariat support for four national networks that help increase Canada’s capacity to produce evidence-based information and promote its adoption in decision-making. Each network provides a forum for individuals from a particular sector to collaborate and discuss topics of common concern. There are networks for health policy-makers, health technology assessment (HTA) researchers, and patient organizations:

  • Policy Forum
  • Health Technology Analysis Exchange
  • Patient Liaison Forum

As a pan-Canadian evidence organization, CADTH plays a leadership role in building, expanding, coordinating, and maintaining partnerships and relationships within the international HTA community. CADTH has relationships with the following international HTA networks:

If you would like to learn more about CADTH partnerships and linkages, please get in touch with the CADTH Liaison Officer nearest you.