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Coronary Stents: Clinical Experience and Cost-effectiveness

Published on: January 1, 1997
Issue: 1E
Result type: Report

Cite as: Noorani HZ. Coronary stents: clinical experience and cost-effectiveness. Ottawa: Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment (CCOHTA); 1997.

Coronary stents are of value for the treatment of acute or threatened coronary artery closure complicating PTCA. Short-term clinical and angiographic outcomes are comparable with different stent designs for acute or threatened closure. Coronary stents reduce the likelihood of both angiographic restenosis and the need for repeat revascularization in particular groups of patients compared to PTCA alone. New antithrombotic therapies after stent implantation have the potential to lower its procedural costs by reducing stent-related vascular complications and length of hospital stay. Coronary stenting is an evolving technology and data from more randomized controlled trials will be required for more robust conclusions. Economic analyses to date have primarily been limited to the experience of a single U.S. group. Canadian clinical and economic data on coronary stents will be needed before informed predictions can be made on its cost-effectiveness in our health care system.


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