COVID-19 Response

( Last Updated : October 29, 2020)

CADTH continues to support health care decision-makers throughout this challenging period. We have successfully shifted to a virtual office and have the tools in place to continue delivering our programs and services. Further, we continue to monitor our operations to identify potential disruptions to our core business activities and we will promptly notify our stakeholders if we anticipate delays.

Please consult the questions and answers that follow for more details. Should you have additional questions, contact us at

Q. Does CADTH anticipate any delays with ongoing drug reviews?
A. CADTH is currently well-positioned to complete all reimbursement reviews in accordance with the posted target timelines.

Q. Does CADTH anticipate any delays with the initiation of newly filed submissions or resubmissions?
A. CADTH will continue to accept new submissions and there are no changes planned to the current processes and timelines for the initiation of new reviews.  

Q. Are pre-submission meetings still being offered?
A. CADTH will continue to hold pre-submission meetings in accordance with our current procedures; however, our office sites are now closed and all pre-submission meetings will be held via teleconference or webinar. Any sponsors that already have an in-person meeting scheduled will be contacted by CADTH with further details.

Q. Are there any changes to the timing and format of expert review committee meetings?
A. All expert review committee meetings are currently occurring in accordance with the scheduled timelines. These meetings are now taking place virtually rather than in-person. At this time, we do not anticipate changes to the deliberative processes.

Q. Has CADTH encountered difficulties in securing clinical specialists to participate in the drug review processes?
A. CADTH has not encountered any difficulties in finding clinical specialists to participate in our drug review processes.

Q. What if a sponsor is unable to achieve CADTH deadlines during the process due to circumstances that are related to COVID-19?
A. CADTH appreciates the challenges that all stakeholders are currently facing. We will work with sponsors on a case-by-case basis during this time to accommodate any delays that occur as a result of COVID-19. We ask that all stakeholders keep CADTH fully informed if any delays are anticipated for accomplishing those tasks necessary for completing the review.

Q. As a patient group, what if more time is needed to prepare input?
A. CADTH understands that patients and patient groups may have new or heightened responsibilities (both personally and professionally) as a result of COVID-19. Contact before the patient input deadline if you need an extension, and to discuss ideas to reduce the work involved in gathering information and preparing input.

Q. If timelines change, how can patients and the public find out? 
A.  CADTH will continue to post progress reports on our website. Please visit the report pages for reimbursement reviews and search by drug name.