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List of publicly available Canadian cost information

April 2016

The following are links to publicly available cost and resource use information in Canada. This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but to provide researchers with potential sources of information. This information should be used in conjunction with the Guidance Document for the Costing of Health Care Resources in the Canadian Setting.

Drug Formulary

Provincial/Federal Plan Notes Drug Formulary Link
Alberta Standard formulary

Alberta Drug Formulary - Interactive
Alberta Drug Formulary - Printed

British Columbia Standard formulary
Exceptional Access Program Links

BC Drug Formulary - Links to online/interactive
BC Drug Formulary - Special Authority list

Manitoba Standard formulary
Exceptional Access Program Links

Manitoba Drug Formulary - Interactive
Manitoba Drug Formulary - Printed
Manufacturer Drug Formulary - Exception Drug Status

New Brunswick Standard formulary
Exceptional Access Program Links

New Brunswick Drug Formulary - Link to printed

Newfoundland and Labrador Standard formulary
Exceptional Access Program Links

Newfoundland & Labrador Drug Formulary - Interactive

Nova Scotia Standard formulary
Exceptional Access Program Links

Nova Scotia Drug Formulary - Link to printed

Ontario Standard formulary
Exceptional Access Program Links
Cancer drug formulary

Ontario Drug Formulary - Interactive
Ontario Drug Formulary - Link to printed EAP list
Ontario Drug Formulary - Online EAP price list
Cancer Care Ontario Drug Formulary

Prince Edward Island Standard formulary

PEI Drug Formulary - Link to printed

Quebec Standard formulary

RAMQ Drug Formulary - Link to printed

Saskatchewan Standard formulary
Cancer drug formulary

Saskatchewan Drug Formulary - Interactive
Saskatchewan Cancer Drug Agency - Link to printed Drug Formulary

Yukon Standard formulary (includes link to Exceptional Access Program)

Yukon Drug Formulary - Link to printed (EDS) and interactive

Non-Insured Health Benefits Standard formulary

NIHB Drug Formulary - Link to printed



Schedule of Fees, Physician Guides, Etc.

Provincial/Federal Plan Notes Link
Alberta Fee Information for Health Professionals
Schedule of Medical Benefits
British Columbia Medical Services Commission Payment Schedule
Manitoba Physicians’ Manual (PDF)
New Brunswick Physicians’ Manual*
Medical Society Fee Guide
Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Payment Schedule
Nova Scotia Physicians’ Manual (PDF)
Ontario Schedule of Benefits and Fees
Prince Edward Island Master Agreement (PDF)
Saskatchewan Medical Association Fee Guide
Physician Payment Schedule (link to PDF)
Yukon Payment Schedule (PDF)
Payment Schedule (online/interactive)

* Requires regular update



Notable Organization Websites

Organization Link
Canadian Institute for Health Information
Canadian Institute for Health Research
Health Canada
Statistics Canada


Organisation Notes Link
Canadian Institute for Health Information Patient cost estimator
Your Health System
Ontario Case Costing Initiative (OCCI) OCCI (now part of the Ontario Health Data Branch; requires registration)
Interactive Health Data Application (IHDA) Alberta IHDA


Organisation Notes Link
Statistics Canada Average wages and compensation Statistics Canada - Average hourly wage by characteristics and occupation
Statistics Canada - Average hourly wage by occupation - detailed Minimum wage - Provincial minimum wage
Canadian Revenue Costs Meal and vehicle expenses Canadian Revenue Agency - Meal and vehicle expense rates
Bank of Canada 10-year currency converter Bank of Canada - Currency converter
Bank of Canada Currency inflator Bank of Canada - Inflation calculator
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Purchasing power parity OECD - Purchasing Power Parities


Organisation Notes Link
Health Canada Patent Register
Health Canada Drug Product Database



Fee Schedules for Other Non-Physician Services

Provincial/Federal Plan Notes Link
Alberta United Nurses of Alberta Alberta nurses - Salary information
Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors Alberta chiropractors association - Cost information
AHS Podiatrists/Optometrists Alberta Health Services - Allied health professional fee list
Alberta Blue Cross (Dentist) Alberta Blue Cross - Dental schedule
British Columbia Health Employers Association of BC BC Provincial Agreement w/ Health Employers Assoc of BC
BC Nurses Union BC nurses - Salary information
BC Physiotherapy Association BC Physio association - Fee list
BC Laboratory Services Outpatient Payment Schedule

BC Laboratory services - Fee schedule

Manitoba Manitoba Nurses Union Manitoba nurses - Salary information
Manitoba Dentist Manitoba dental - Fee information
Manitoba Physiotherapy Association Manitoba physiotherapy assoc - Costing information
New Brunswick New Brunswick Nurses Union New Brunswick nurses - Salary information
New Brunswick Dental Society New Brunswick Dental assoc - Fee information
Newfoundland and Labrador Registered Nurses Union of Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland & Labrador nurses - Salary information
Newfoundland and Labrador salaries for Allied Health Professionals Newfoundland & Labrador Agreement for allied health services
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Nurses Union Nova Scotia nurses - Salary information
Nova Scotia Dental Association Nova Scotia dental assoc - Fee guide (2015)
Ontario Ontario Chiropractic Association Ontario chiropractic assoc - Fee schedule
Ontario Dental Association Ontario dental assoc - Fee information
Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP) optometrists’/dentists’ services OHIP Optometry and Dental services - Fee guide
Physiotherapy Ontario physiotherapy - Cost information
Ontario Nurses Association Ontario nurses - Salary information
Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island Nurses Union PEI nurses - Salary information
Quebec Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec Quebec nurses - Salary information
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Union of Nurses Saskatchewan nurses - Salary information
Yukon Yukon Government Yukon Government agreement w/ Public Service Alliance