CADTH In Conversation With…. Professor Gillian Leng CBE, Chief Executive of NICE

Join Suzanne McGurn, President and CEO of CADTH, as she welcomes Gillian Leng, CBE, for an insightful conversation on what the future holds for the United Kingdom’s influential National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, better known as NICE.

Gillian will discuss NICE’s new 5-year strategic plan and how it will impact the assessment of new drugs, devices, and diagnostics in the United Kingdom and beyond. She will also share her thoughts on how the pandemic is realigning health system priorities and influencing how NICE supports decision-makers through a period of intense uncertainty.

This event offers a preview of “CADTH In Conversation With…” — a new speaker series that will feature Suzanne McGurn talking to leading Canadian and global decision-makers in health care, value assessment, and health technology management. Stay tuned for the official launch in the fall of 2021.

To participate, please register (there is no cost). After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about how to join the webinar.


Professor Gillian Leng

Professor Gillian Leng, CBE
Chief Executive of NICE

Suzanne McGurn

Suzanne McGurn
President and CEO of CADTH