Consultation for Patients on the Deliberative Appraisal Process at CADTH

The top three principles for the deliberative process identified by the Health Technology Assessment International 2020 Global Policy Forum were transparency, inclusivity, and impartiality.

CADTH has worked with a few patient groups to create a two-part consultation to support wide participation: first, an education session — How CADTH Expert Committees Deliberate;  second, this meeting between patient groups and CADTH staff.

During the meeting, and in small groups, participants will explore:

  • What needs to occur during deliberations to ensure that patients’ needs, expectations, and experiences be meaningfully heard and considered by the committee?
  • What aspects of the committee deliberation are important for you to see communicated in the recommendations document?
  • How would you suggest that CADTH communicates about evidence uncertainties?

Insights from the discussion will be shared publicly. CADTH will also follow its usual consultation process for any proposed changes to our programs.

Please attend How CADTH Expert Committees Deliberate live, or watch the recording, before attending this meeting.