Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: Acupuncture

Because of the prevalence and burden of chronic pain, and the associated opioid crisis in our country, health professionals are looking for non-pharmacological treatment options to recommend to their patients. Join CADTH for a webinar on the current evidence on acupuncture for chronic non-cancer pain. The target audience for this presentation is nurses, physicians, allied health professionals, researchers, educators, administrators, and health sciences students. All participants are welcome.

Colleen Donder, BSC (Pharm), ACPR, Knowledge Mobilization Officer, CADTH
Greg Chernish, MD, MCPC, CIME, CA, Director of HealthPoint Clinic, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, University of Manitoba
Cody Sharpe, B.A. (adv), CrossFit L-2 Trainer, patient living with chronic pain

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