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Organisational Intervention: Organisational (structural) - other


Other structural interventions not addressed above.


No high quality or key reviews were identified.

Summary of Overall Findings from Reviews

3 reviews that evaluated the effectiveness of other organisational (to structure) were identified. None were assessed to be of high quality or a key review and one review did not locate any appropriate studies for inclusion/analysis.

Summary of Findings Related to Prescribing

No high quality or key reviews were identified.

Reviews listed as "Summary Pending" will be analyzed, summarized and reported at a later date.

The findings will then be incorporated in the overall evidence summaries of the interventions they address.

Reviews Addressing This Intervention Quality Assessment Tool:
AMSTAR Score (of 11 points)
Wilson AD, Childs S. Effects of interventions aimed at changing the length of primary care physicians' consultation. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2006 1:CD003540. 7 (Medium)
Parmelli E, Flodgren G, Schaafsma ME, Baillie N, Beyer FR, Eccles MP. The effectiveness of strategies to change organisational culture to improve healthcare performance. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2011 1:CD008315. 5 (Medium)
Ioannidis JP, Lau J. Evidence on interventions to reduce medical errors: an overview and recommendations for future research. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2001 16 (5):325-34. 4 (Medium)