Vision, Mission, and Values

( Last Updated : March 28, 2015)


CADTH consistently delivers credible scientific evidence and management strategies that enable the appropriate use of health technologies.


Canada has a world-class system for assessing and managing health technologies to achieve better outcomes and value for Canadians.


These foundational values guide CADTH decision-making and activities at all levels.


CADTH is trustworthy, delivers what it promises, and exceeds expectations by focusing on impact to drive better health, better patient experience, and better value for Canadians.


CADTH understands and meets the needs of its customers in a timely fashion.


CADTH creates and nurtures partnerships with those who produce, acquire, deploy, and use health care technologies to promote their appropriate use.


CADTH makes timely and user-friendly information about its programs, processes, and performance widely available, with a special emphasis on engaging key stakeholders.