Models of Care for People Re-Entering the Community After Incarceration

( Last Updated : August 2, 2022)
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Health Technology Review
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People who are re-entering the community after incarceration often have unmet physical and psychological health needs. Common conditions that require care as people make the transition from incarceration to the community include mental illness, substance use disorders, HIV, hepatitis C, and diabetes, among others. These health needs are not unique; however, people who have been incarcerated can face a difficult transition in accessing health care from incarceration to in the community. This report provides an annotated list of integrated models that have been implemented to increase the continuity of care for previously incarcerated people who are re-entering the community. Models were considered for inclusion if they included health care and other supporting resource components. An additional list of studies examining the evidence related to specific mental health interventions related to the transition from correctional services to community care for people with mental health or substance use disorders is provided as a supplement to the main report.