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New at CADTH — November 2019

Last updated: November 7, 2019
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News and Events

CADTH will be hosting an Evidence-to-Action event on November 27th, in collaboration with Health Quality Ontario, on accessing mental health support outside of a therapist’s office — Internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) for major depression and anxiety disorders. We will hear from patient, clinical, and expert speakers. Please register to attend the event online or in person here.

CADTH is now accepting nominations for two prestigious awards that recognize outstanding achievement and ongoing effort in the field of health technology assessment (HTA) in Canada. These awards are a wonderful opportunity to promote the importance of HTA in Canada and recognize those who are helping to improve our health care system by making evidence a cornerstone of health technology decisions. Learn more here.

CADTH invites all interested stakeholders to join its Medical Devices Portfolio Information Session on November 25th. This session will cover the role of HTA in the management of medical devices in Canada; the programs in CADTH’s medical devices and clinical interventions portfolio; the assessment processes CADTH follows; and the opportunities for input and engagement by industry, patients, and other stakeholders. Register here before November 19th.

CADTH invites all interested stakeholders to get the latest information about priority initiatives and process changes from CADTH’s pharmaceutical reviews portfolio on November 25th. Updates on other relevant CADTH initiatives will also be provided. The session also includes an open forum, where attendees can direct questions to CADTH President and CEO Dr. Brian O’Rourke and other senior staff at CADTH. Register here before November 19th.

In case you missed it, CADTH hosted a webinar on non-pharmacological interventions for chronic non-cancer pain — the science of mindfulness. View the recording here.

Drug Reimbursement Recommendations

CADTH recently issued the following CADTH Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC) drug reimbursement recommendations:

CADTH recently issued the following CADTH pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) Expert Review Committee (pERC) drug reimbursement recommendations:

CADTH Reports

CADTH recently completed the following reports:

Horizon Scan

Rapid Response Reports: Drug

Rapid Response Reports: Medical Devices and Systems

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