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New Resources to Help Strengthen pCODR Patient Advocacy Group Submissions

Published on: August 27, 2015
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Two new narrated slide presentations will make it easier for patient advocacy groups to provide input into drug reviews undertaken by the CADTH pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR). The presentations were developed as part of the ongoing Patient Engagement Collaboration Project by the Canadian Cancer Action Network (CCAN) and CADTH’s pCODR program, and are available now on the CCAN and CADTH websites.

The first presentation — Strengthening Your pCODR Submission: An Overview — is narrated by Marjorie Morrison, Chief Executive Officer, CCAN. It outlines the pCODR process and provides information on the resources available to support patient evidence submissions. The second presentation — Strengthening Your pCODR Submission: Collecting and Presenting Information — is narrated by Mona Sabharwal, Executive Director, pCODR, CADTH. It offers guidance on how best to collect and present patient evidence. The examples included in both presentations are based on observations and comments from the pCODR Expert Review Committee (pERC).

Input from patient advocacy groups is vital to the pCODR process as it ensures that patient and caregiver values are considered appropriately during a drug review. Our new narrated presentations, along with our previously released “A Guide for Patient Advocacy Groups”, are intended to assist patient groups with their evidence submissions and make it easier for them to participate in the pCODR process.

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