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We're hosting a series of lectures by prominent scholars and opinion leaders to share their perspectives on some of the most pressing issues facing health technology assessment (HTA) today.

Upcoming Sessions:

Why Oncology Needs More Common Sense and Less Cheerleading — A Case for a Centre for Sense in Oncology

Event Date: September 5, 2019
Location: 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. EDT Dow’s Lake Court, Council Chambers or via Live Stream

This talk will walk the audience through various hypes, spins, conflicts, and biases distorting the practice of oncology, and provide recommendations on how to control or correct these issues. The aim is to educate the audience on how to detect such issues in oncology, develop a sense of cautious optimism (not all is bad, but not all is wonderful either), and inspire all to work toward an objective, common sense-driven approach to cancer control — both locally and globally. Although the examples will be oncology examples, lecture participants from any discipline of medicine or from public health will find the talk useful or applicable. Discussions will involve regulatory standards, policy, trial designs, trial reporting practices, research waste, and media hype.

Why Organizations, Researchers, and Patients Are Falling Prey to Predatory Journals

Event Date: Thursday, October 10, 2019
Location: 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. EDT Dow’s Lake Court, Council Chambers or via Live Stream

This interactive talk will provide an overview of what predatory journals are and describe how they are having an impact on organizations, researchers, and patients. In doing so, the talk will touch on related topics including academic incentives, research funding, and science policy. It will discuss the impact of predatory journals on knowledge synthesis efforts and health literacy. It will recommend safeguards that stakeholders can put in place to limit interaction with these journals and to help reduce waste in how biomedical research is shared and used.

Previous Sessions

If you missed out on a lecture or want a refresher on what you saw or heard, you can access information from previous sessions. If available, you will find copies of presentations and previously recorded webinars.

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  • "Such a delightful personality, with remarkable insight into her field; truly time well spent!"
  • "Very engaging speaker. Very knowledgeable. Great to get how HTA has evolved elsewhere in the world."

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