Discussion Paper and Online Questionnaire for Information Session on a Potential Pan-Canadian Formulary

In July 2021, CADTH convened an advisory panel to provide Health Canada with a recommended framework for developing a potential pan-Canadian prescription drug list or formulary. 

On January 18, 2022, the advisory panel and CADTH will host an information session on the panel’s work so far. In advance of the session, a discussion paper summarizing the panel’s interim recommendations is available for review. An online questionnaire is available to provide your feedback on specific aspects of the panel’s work. The online consultation period will run from January 11 to February 25, 2022. 

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About the Information Session

Join Dr. Alexandra King and Mr. Allen Lefebvre, co-chairs of the pan-Canadian formulary advisory panel, to discuss recommendations for the development of a framework for a potential pan-Canadian prescription drug list or formulary. Heather Logan, Executive Strategy Lead for CADTH, will be moderating the discussion.  

CADTH established the advisory panel at the request of Health Canada. The panel comprises 2 co-chairs and 12 members recruited from across Canada who bring together a range of expertise and experience and represent diversity across gender, culture, and race. The advisory panel has been meeting since late summer 2021 to develop an initial set of recommendations for feedback.  

The information session will focus on:

  • principles for developing a potential pan-Canadian formulary framework 
  • creation of a proposed sample list of commonly prescribed drugs and selected related products as a test case based on a subset of therapeutic areas that could be included on a potential pan-Canadian formulary 
  • proposed criteria and processes to expand the proposed sample list to other therapeutic areas, and to guide how new products could be added and how a proposed list could be maintained over time. 

You must register to participate in the webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the webinar. The webinar will be recorded and made publicly available for those unable to attend the live session.  

If you have questions about the event, please contact us at requests@cadth.ca

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