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pCODR Clinician Engagement Pilot Project

Published on: February 1, 2016
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February 1 – CADTH is pleased to announce that it has launched a pilot initiative that will allow for increased clinician participation in the CADTH pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) reimbursement recommendation program.

The current pCODR process includes input from three oncologists to help interpret data, provide context, and develop the main conclusions of the Clinical Guidance Report. Proposed changes to the pCODR process aim to expand CADTH’s reach into the clinical community to gain insight into local issues and identify areas of unmet need.

In November 2015, CADTH received stakeholder feedback to proposed changes to the pCODR process. In general, stakeholders were very supportive of the proposed changes, and they encouraged CADTH to extend similar opportunities for expanded clinician input to other CADTH programs. Based on the positive feedback, CADTH is moving forward on implementing the pilot project.

The pilot project will be evaluated after 25 cancer drug submissions with clinician input have been reviewed, or sooner as may be appropriate, and will consult with stakeholders on any significant changes to the pCODR process.

Interested clinicians may wish to consult our Frequently Asked Questions page to determine eligibility to participate and to understand the process. Clinicians can then visit the Registration page, as registration is required before input or feedback can be submitted.