Unprecedented—CADTH Annual Report 2020–2021

A statement from Suzanne McGurn, President and CEO, CADTH

On behalf of CADTH and our Board of Directors, I’m pleased to share CADTH’s Annual Report for 2020–2021, my first as President and CEO.

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The theme of this year’s report — “unprecedented,” — is in recognition of a year like no other. The report highlights CADTH’s response to the global pandemic and how CADTH’s methodologists, medical librarians, clinical researchers, health economists, implementation support officers, and committees quickly adapted to support Canada’s health care decision-makers. I’m extremely proud of my team and of everything we accomplished during these challenging times.

As I reflect on the past year and look hopefully toward the future, I’m aware that the pandemic has permanently shifted how CADTH — and other health technology assessment agencies — conducts its work. The crisis amplified the challenges and opportunities involved with prioritizing access to optimal and sustainable health care. This year we have seen ultra-rapid assessments of new technologies; increased use of uncertain, evolving, and real-world evidence; and greater national and international coordination and collaboration. These have not only defined 2020-2021, but they are also becoming the new norm.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read through our annual report and share it with your colleagues and networks. If you have questions about CADTH and our work, I invite you to get in touch with us at requests@cadth.ca.


Suzanne McGurn
President and CEO