Regional Chemotherapy for the Treatment of Breast Cancer: A Review of Clinical Effectiveness, Cost-Effectiveness and Guidelines


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Health Technology Review
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Summary with Critical Appraisal
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  1. What is the clinical effectiveness of regional chemotherapy for adults with metastatic breast cancer?

  2. What is the cost-effectiveness of regional chemotherapy for adults with metastatic breast cancer?

  3. What are the evidence-based guidelines associated with the use of regional chemotherapy for the treatment of adults with metastatic breast cancer?

Key Message

Evidence of very limited quality from six non-randomized studies indicated that regional chemotherapy may provide benefit with regard to tumour response and survival; however, additional evidence from high quality, randomized controlled trials is required to better assess whether regional chemotherapy offers a benefit relative to conventional and other therapies. Studies showed that regional chemotherapy was minimally associated with toxicity.No evidence regarding cost-effectiveness or evidence-based guidelines describing regional chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer was identified.