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Professional Intervention: Reminders - computer physician order entry


Patient or encounter specific information, provided on a computer screen aimed at automating the ordering of medication.


Two high quality reviews (Heselmans, Main) and one key review (Kaushal) were identified. In two high quality reviews (Heselmans, Main) this intervention showed mixed effects on improving appropriate care behaviours. The Kaushal review, which examined the effects of CPOE with clinical decision support systems (CDSS) and CDSS alone, had too few studies to make strong conclusions on the intervention's effectiveness on improving prescribing outcomes. There was no evidence located to draw conclusions on the effectiveness of CPOE on other professional behaviours.

Summary of Overall Findings from Reviews

16 reviews that evaluated the effectiveness of computerised order entry systems were identified. Of these, 0/2 high quality/key reviews with a sufficient number of studies to draw conclusions found this intervention to be generally effective.

Summary of Findings Related to Prescribing

No high quality or key reviews with a sufficient number of studies to draw conclusions about prescribing outcomes were identified.

Reviews listed as "Summary Pending" will be analyzed, summarized and reported at a later date.

The findings will then be incorporated in the overall evidence summaries of the interventions they address.

Reviews Addressing This Intervention Quality Assessment Tool:
AMSTAR Score (of 11 points)
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Summary Pending
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Summary Pending
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Summary Pending
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