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Professional Intervention: Local opinion leaders


Use of providers nominated by their colleagues as


Two high quality reviews (Flodgren, Thomas) were identified. In one high quality (Flodgren) the use of local opinion leaders alone or combined with other interventions was generally effective for improving appropriate care outcomes. One high quality review (Thomas) had an insufficient number of studies to draw any conclusions about the effectiveness of the intervention on appropriate care outcomes.

Summary of Overall Findings from Reviews

6 reviews that evaluated the effectiveness of local opinion leaders were identified. Of these, 2/2 high quality/key reviews with a sufficient number of studies to draw conclusions found this intervention to be generally effective.

Summary of Findings Related to Prescribing

1/1 high quality reviews with a sufficient number of studies to draw conclusions found this intervention to be generally effective for improving prescribing outcomes.

Reviews listed as "Summary Pending" will be analyzed, summarized and reported at a later date.

The findings will then be incorporated in the overall evidence summaries of the interventions they address.

Reviews Addressing This Intervention Quality Assessment Tool:
AMSTAR Score (of 11 points)
Flodgren G, Parmelli E, Doumit G, Gattellari M, O'Brien MA, Grimshaw J, Eccles MP. Local opinion leaders: effects on professional practice and health care outcomes. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2011 8:CD000125. 9 (High)
Thomas L, Cullum N, McColl E, Rousseau N, Soutter J, Steen N. Guidelines in professions allied to medicine. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2000 2:CD000349. 8 (High)
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Williams N, Woodward H, Majeed A, Saxena S. Primary care strategies to improve childhood immunisation uptake in developed countries: systematic review. JRSM Short Reports 2011 2 (10):81, 2011. 6 (Medium)
Catling-Paull C, Johnston R, Ryan C, Foureur MJ, Homer CS. Non-clinical interventions that increase the uptake and success of vaginal birth after caesarean section: a systematic review. Journal of Advanced Nursing 2011 67 (8):1662-76. 5 (Medium)
Coory M, White VM, Johnson KS, Hill DJ, Jefford M, Harrison S, Winship I, Millar J, Giles GG. Systematic review of quality improvement interventions directed at cancer specialists. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2013 31 (12):1583-1591. 5
Summary Pending
Chaillet N, Dube E, Dugas M, Audibert F, Tourigny C, Fraser WD, Dumont A. Evidence-based strategies for implementing guidelines in obstetrics: a systematic review. Obstetrics and Gynecology 2006 108 (5):1234-45. 4 (Medium)