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Eligibility for Scientific Advice

To be eligible for the CADTH Scientific Advice Program, a drug product must be in early-stage development at a point where changes in development plans based on Scientific Advice are still possible (i.e., before phase 3 trials have been initiated).

The ideal time to seek Scientific Advice is during the planning stage for phase 3 trials. Application to the CADTH Scientific Advice Program may occur before phase 2 trials have been completed. The inclusion of phase 2 trial results in the application form and Briefing Book is at the applicant’s discretion. CADTH does not require phase 2 results in order to provide Scientific Advice.

Note that for CADTH to provide useful Scientific Advice, applicants must be far enough along in development to raise specific issues and to have detailed rationales for CADTH to comment on.

Eligible for Scientific Advice

Not Eligible for Scientific Advice

New drug products

Generic drugs

Existing drug products with new indications


Drugs for rare diseases

Non-drug health technologies (medical devices, procedures, diagnostic tests)

Oncology products