Submit a Drug for pCODR Review

The CADTH pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) brings consistency and clarity to the assessment of drugs in Canada. pCODR reviews clinical, economic, and patient evidence, and uses this information to make non-binding recommendations to Canada's public drug plans to support their drug funding decisions.

This section of is relevant to drug manufacturers and tumour groups submitting a request to CADTH for a pCODR review. A summary of the pCODR process, complete with the documentation required to make a drug submission, can be found in the Process in Brief section. You can also find quick links to pCODR documentation under Guidelines, Procedures, and Templates.


Before submitting a request for a pCODR drug review, manufacturers and tumour groups must register with the pCODR program. This will provide access to a secure Submit and Contribute page and enable the electronic delivery of documents to CADTH.

Preparing a Submission

Please ensure that you are proceeding according to the requirements of the full pCODR ProcedurespCODR Pre-Submission, Submission, and Resubmission Guidelines; and other supplemental materials, and not solely according to the Process in Brief. Additionally, please do not download and archive any pCODR documentation, as it is subject to change. Always use the up-to-date version of documents posted on

Pre-submission information is required by the pCODR program in order to optimize the submission planning and review process. A Submitter will be required to complete and file the Pre-submission Information Requirements Form at least 120 calendar days before the anticipated date of filing the complete Submission or Resubmission; the pre-submission information form must be completed by using the online forms available at:

Drug Review Information

If you are searching for information on a particular pCODR drug review, you can use the new, more powerful search engine. You can also track the progress of reviews through the pCODR Drug Review Update.

Final reports are freely available to anyone to use, download, or print for non-commercial, personal use, or private research and study, provided you do not modify them and appropriate credit is given to CADTH.

Patient groups and other stakeholders wishing to provide input or feedback on reviews can find what they need in the section of created for that purpose. More general information on pCODR is found on the About pCODR page.




Drug Manufacturer

If you are an employee or representative of a drug manufacturer, submit your drug submission or feedback here.



Tumour Group

If you are a clinician member of a tumour group and the tumour group is affiliated with and recognized by a provincial cancer agency or one of the provincial or territorial Ministries of Health, submit your drug submission or feedback here.