The Precision Medicine Policy Network

Concurrent Session A7 – Panel Discussion

Panellists: Dr. Brenda Wilson, University of Ottawa; Dr. Michael Wolfson, University of Ottawa; Dr. Tania Bubela, University of Alberta; Dr. Bartha Knoppers, McGill University

Moderators: Dr. Christopher McCabe, University of Alberta; Dr. François Rousseau, Université Laval

In 2013, Genome Canada funded 17 Large Scale Applied Research Projects (LSARP) focused on bringing precision medicine technologies to market. The research teams considered a wide range of technologies, in many different states of translation. In pursuing their translational objectives, the research teams developed a portfolio of expertise in the formal and informal barriers to the successful translation of precision medicine (PM) technologies, both domestically and internationally. By 2015, it had become clear to Genome Canada that substantial added value could be obtained from the initial research investment by synthesizing the knowledge that had been developed by the research teams, and therefore they provided $1 million of funding for the Precision Medicine Policy Network — a “learning network” of the 17 PM LSARPs. The Network is charged with identifying the high impact policy lessons learned, and developing mechanisms to disseminate these across the Network’s projects and to the domestic and global PM translational research communities. This panel will introduce the Precision Medicine Policy Network, outline its four high-impact themes, provide an overview of its work program and priorities, and seek feedback from the Canadian health technology assessment community.