Utilization of Old versus New Generation Biologics for Public and Private Insurers in Canada

( Last Updated : June 13, 2022)
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Health Technology Review
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Technology Review
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Plaque psoriasis (PsO) is an inflammatory condition characterized by inflamed scaly patches of skin and is associated with lowered quality of life and serious comorbidities. Several biologics for the treatment of PsO have been reimbursed in Canada in the past decade, spanning different mechanisms of action and annual costs. Many of these biologics have expired data exclusivity status. Following the Environmental Scan for biologics in PsO (ES0357), a utilization study was needed to study the patterns of use of these biologics across public and private drug plans to support potential formulary management discussions.

This report is an analysis of collected claims data for biologics indicated for PsO across public and private drug plans over the past 7 years. Market shares, costs per patient, and opportunity costs of delayed biosimilar marketing for drugs with expired exclusivity status were evaluated.