Wait List Strategies for CT and MRI

( Last Updated : January 31, 2023)
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Health Technology Review
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Technology Review
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CM0002-000 - HC0052-000
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The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of strategies aimed at addressing wait lists for CT and MRI scans.


Key Message

​There are various potential causes of long wait times for CT and MRI scans, and conducting a situation-specific assessment of available resources and potential cause(s) of wait times may help to identify appropriate strategies for their management.

Identified principles for developing a plan to address wait times include engaging stakeholders, taking a coordinated approach to develop short- and long-term plans, ensuring plans are flexible to account for changes in technologies, and developing a plan for quality monitoring and assessment of specified outcomes.

Identified strategies for reducing wait times for CT and/or MRI scans include increasing capacity, improving efficiencies, reducing low-value scans, improving communication, and adopting new technology.