Mark Wyatt

( Last Updated : August 9, 2016)

Member — Jurisdictional (Western Provinces)

Mark Wyatt is an Assistant Deputy Minister at the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health and the chair of the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA). In his ministry role, Mark is responsible for a number of branches and strategic initiatives including Drug Plan and Extended Benefits and Acute and Emergency Services. Before joining the deputy minister’s office in 2013, Mark was the executive director of the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative for four years. Mark and his team received the Premier’s Award for Excellence for their work on this initiative, which resulted in a dramatic reduction in patient wait times. His previous experience in health policy includes participating in province-wide systems planning, negotiating federal and interprovincial agreements, and working with First Nations and Métis communities to improve Indigenous health. He served on the Canadian Patient Safety Institute board of directors from 2015 to 2019. Before joining the Ministry of Health in 2000, he had a career in print journalism covering provincial and national politics.