HTA Excel Tools

CADTH has supported the development of Microsoft Excel-based tools to enhance the production of health technology assessments (HTAs). Each of these tools has been peer-reviewed by a statistician or health economist. Some of these Microsoft Excel-based HTA tools have also been published in peer-reviewed journals.

We have developed short user guides and YouTube videos to help users of our tools. We will continue to add to our suite of Microsoft Excel-based HTA tools over the coming year.  


NetMetaXL is a freely available, Microsoft Excel-based tool programmed in Visual Basic for Applications. It provides an interface for conducting a Bayesian network meta-analysis using WinBUGS from within Microsoft Excel. This tool allows the user to easily prepare and enter data, set model assumptions, and run the network meta-analysis, with results being automatically displayed in an Excel spreadsheet. It also contains macros that use NetMetaXL's interface to generate evidence network diagrams, forest plots, league tables of pairwise comparisons, probability plots (rankograms), and inconsistency plots within Microsoft Excel.