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Methods and Guidelines

CADTH’s contribution to health care in Canada is only as good as the expertise of our people and the rigour of our practices. Although our documented methods and guidelines may not be highly visible to the people who rely on our work, they nevertheless play a critical role in how well that work serves Canadians. They provide the foundation of credibility for all CADTH products and services and serve as pan-Canadian standards for anyone engaged in working with health care evidence.

CADTH’s methods and guidelines reflect not only our own internal expertise and experience, but also the knowledge we share and gather through national and international partnerships and linkages with other evidence-based organizations.

By establishing and regularly updating these methods and guidelines, we are able to capture advances in best practices, establish a uniformly high level of rigour, provide for transparency, enable comparability of evidence-based information, and underpin continuous improvement.

Examples of CADTH methods and guidelines include: