Post-Market Drug Evaluation (PMDE) Program

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The new CADTH Post-Market Drug Evaluation (PMDE) Program will be launching a re-imagined evidence generation network in September 2022. The program will bring together an external network of Canada’s expert applied researchers, methodologists, and data analysts to provide evidence to answer questions posed by federal, provincial, and territorial decision-makers about post-market drug safety and effectiveness. As the network is being developed, the PMDE Program will be recruiting network partners.

For more detailed information on the program, please refer to the PMDE Program Overview.

Calling on PMDE Network Partners: Request for Proposals

Are you interested in joining the PMDE network to produce evidence for decision-makers? On February 1, 2022, CADTH issued its first request for proposal (RFP) for the PMDE network to identify core network partners to receive standing grant funding. On March 15, 2022, a second RFP to identify network contractors was issued.

For more information, please refer to the relevant RFPs.  All questions relating to the RFP must be directed to

If you have any questions about the PMDE Program’s upcoming launch, please email

PMDE Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is post-market drug evaluation?

Post-market drug evaluation (PMDE) focuses on drugs that have proceeded through the approval process and are broadly available to patients and consumers. PMDE integrates health data and real-world evidence to inform decisions on drug safety and effectiveness and other key regulatory aspects.

Q: What are the goals of the program?

The primary goal of the PMDE Program is to establish a network of applied researchers, analysts, and methodologists to answer queries related to post-market drug safety and effectiveness by bringing timely evidence into the hands of decision-makers through:

  • establishing an efficient, responsive, customer-focused evidence network
  • facilitating communication between researchers, stakeholders, and decision-makers
  • enhancing the use of post-market evidence to inform decision-making.

Q: Who are our customers?

The PMDE Program will provide timely and reliable evidence to Canadian decision-makers including:

  • federal government agencies (including Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, and Patented Medicine Prices Review Board)
  • provincial and territorial decision-makers
  • CADTH and other health technology assessment bodies.

Q: How can I (and my team) participate in the PMDE network?

Core teams and contractors will be identified through a request for proposal (RFP) process starting in February 2022. For more information on the RFP, please visit our website to access the relevant PMDE RFP package specifically designed for grants and contracts. Alternatively, please contact

For more information see the complete PMDE Program FAQs

Meet the PMDE Team

Picture of Dr. Tarry Ahuja

Dr. Tarry Ahuja, PhD Director

Picture of Nadine Sulatycky

Nadine Sulatycky,  MASc Program Lead

Picture of Jathishinie Jegathiswaran

Jathishinie Jegathisawaran, MHEcon, CCRAProject Management Officer


INFORMATION SESSION — Post-Market Drug Evaluation Program Call for Standing Offer Contractors


INFORMATION SESSION — Post-Market Drug Evaluation Program Call for Core Network Partners


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