Patient and Community Engagement

Canada’s Drug Agency seeks patient perspectives to improve the quality of our assessments of medical procedures, devices, and drugs. Patients, families, and communities can offer insight on the diversity of individual needs and health care settings across Canada. Our recommendations on publicly funded devices, procedures, and drugs impact Canadian patients. So, it makes sense that patients and the public be aware of, and involved in, our work. 

We have many opportunities for individuals, patients, families, and caregivers — and for patient groups and Canadian communities — to read, contribute to, and shape our work. We explain in our engagement framework why we engage with patients, families, and communities across our different programs and processes. We’re aware that patient and community engagement practices are rapidly developing and, as we learn from our own and others’ experiences, our approaches may change as a result.

We welcome your ideas and comments as we plan future initiatives and engagement approaches. Contact our Patient Engagement team to learn more and share your ideas.