Announcing the Canadian Journal of Health Technologies – A New Journal From CADTH

A message from Suzanne McGurn, President and CEO of CADTH

On behalf of the team at CADTH, I’m proud and excited to announce that we have launched the Canadian Journal of Health Technologies, a new open-access journal serving the Canadian and global health technology assessment (HTA) community. You can find it online at and you can subscribe to receive an electronic table of contents alert for future issues.


Our decision to create this journal is driven by a desire to standardize CADTH’s wide-ranging scientific reports and make them easier to access through improved indexing on sites such as PubMed and Google Scholar. We also believe the journal will foster collaboration among our diverse audiences, which include government leaders, policy-makers, health care professionals, patient groups and health care advocates, industry representatives, and researchers. And we are excited about the prospect of creating new publishing opportunities for CADTH, our partners, and stakeholders.

Dr. Nicole Mittmann, CADTH’s Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Evidence Standards, is the journal’s Editor-in-Chief. The journal currently publishes CADTH’s Technology Reviews and Horizon Scans and, over the coming months, it will include Reimbursement Reviews (Final Recommendation Reports and the supporting Clinical and Pharmacoeconomic Reports). All articles are assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) by Crossref, making it easy to find, cite, and link our content.

The journal adheres to a continuous publication model, where reports are published online as soon as they are finalized. New issues are “opened” at the beginning of each month, and new reports are added throughout the month until it is “closed” at the end of the month. You can view the latest issues at the links below:

What’s Next

Starting this year, we also plan to publish the proceedings and abstracts from future CADTH Symposia. Rich discussions and valuable scientific presentations are delivered at our annual conference, ranging from emerging evidence and new concepts to methodological advancements that influence the practice of HTA. By formally publishing the proceedings and abstracts, we can disseminate this work more broadly and offer presenters permanent citations that make their work more accessible.

As the journal matures, we intend to invite our partners and stakeholders from a broad range of disciplines to contribute their diverse perspectives. We hope the journal will become a space where authors from Canadian and international jurisdictions can explore issues and offer analyses of the opportunities and challenges that confront HTA and Canadian policy as they relate to health technology management.

I hope you will take a few moments to visit the journal’s website and that you’ll share this information with your colleagues. If you have questions, comments, or ideas to share, we would love to hear from you — please contact Glenda Proctor (Publisher) at [email protected].