CADTH to Host a National Roundtable on Models of Care for Long COVID

June 1, 2022 – CADTH, the pan-Canadian health technology assessment body, will host a national roundtable on models of care for post–COVID-19 condition on June 1, 2022.

Post–COVID-19 condition, or long COVID, is characterized by persistent or lingering symptoms that continue for weeks, months, or years after an initial COVID infection. Long COVID symptoms can include fatigue, difficulty breathing, memory issues, persistent cough, and depression.

It’s been estimated that as many as 1 in 3 people who’ve had COVID-19 — or more than 1 million Canadians — may be affected by post–COVID-19 condition. On the heels of the pandemic, the number of people affected is adding a heavy burden to health systems across Canada.

Jurisdictions across the country are at various stages of recognition, planning, and service delivery implementation to diagnose and treat this condition.

As a trusted partner and convenor of health system leaders, CADTH is supporting jurisdictional efforts to address post–COVID-19 condition by convening an invitational roundtable.

Attended by senior health ministry officials, chief medical officers, chief public health officers, people living with post–COVID-19 condition, and clinicians caring for those with post–COVID-19 condition, the roundtable will increase awareness of the evidence on, and early experiences with, post–COVID-19 condition models of care. In addition, through the roundtable, CADTH aims to facilitate connections across jurisdictions among those working on funding, planning, development and implementation of post–COVID-19 models of care.

A summary of the roundtable discussion outlining jurisdictional needs, identified priorities, and next steps is expected to lay the groundwork for coordination and collaboration to address this growing health issue.

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