Subtypes of Post-COVID-19 Condition

( Last Updated : May 5, 2022)
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Post‒COVID-19 condition, also known as long COVID, is a condition where people experience new or persisting symptoms after an initial COVID-19 illness. CADTH uses WHO’s definition of long COVID. According to this definition, long COVID is when people experience symptoms for more than 12 weeks after an initial COVID-19 infection. People with post‒COVID-19 condition may experience a range of symptoms. Some symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle aches, and cognitive and mental health challenges.

This report is part of CADTH’s Condition-Level review on the post-COVID-19 condition. Several subtypes, or different kinds, of post-COVID-19 have been identified. There is still lots of uncertainty about what these subtypes are, and the possible impact they may have on health care systems. Given emerging evidence, there is a need to know more about subtypes of post-COVID-19 condition, and COVID-19 variants.

This CADTH report will provide a custom summary document examining the evidence on subtypes of post-COVID-19 condition. It will also look at any association between different variants of COVID-19 and the developing post-COVID-19 condition.

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