2018 CADTH Symposium

( Last Updated : February 9, 2023)

Managing Health Technologies: Supporting Appropriate, Affordable, and Accessible Care

Every year, the effective management of health technologies grows more challenging. The number and complexity of new drugs, medical devices and surgical procedures continues to grow, and while there are processes to manage the introduction of new technologies, there are few processes for the managed exit of technologies. In addition, the advent of combination products has blurred the line between medical devices and pharmaceuticals and has created the need for new assessment methodologies. Fiscal pressures mean health funders are concerned not just with value but also with affordability. There is also a growing demand from patients and clinicians for information and tools to support decisions about access and appropriate use of health technologies.

These and other factors point to the need to implement a comprehensive evaluation system that supports decision-making throughout the entire technology life cycle.

At the 2018 CADTH Symposium, Canadian and international experts will discuss what is being done — and what still needs to be done — to transform the way we manage health technologies to support appropriate use, affordability, and accessible care.

You’ll learn about initiatives to better align regulatory and health technology assessment processes, incorporate real-world evidence, expand reassessment, enhance support to pricing and procurement, and better support underserved populations (such as Indigenous peoples and people with a mental illness).