Aging in Place


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Health Technology Review
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Canada, like many other developed countries, is experiencing an important demographic transition toward an aging population. At the same time, the long-term care system in Canada is facing a range of challenges, such as limited availability of and access to long-term care beds and services, staffing shortages, and gaps and disparities in the quality of care, among others. To address theses challenges, strategies and initiatives are being explored or implemented to enhance the infrastructure and support systems aimed at facilitating aging in place for older adults in Canada. 

As part of this work, CADTH will aim to:

  • identify and describe the most relevant reasons people in Canada are unable to age in place, using Canadian data and data sources
  • provide trusted guidance to senior decision-makers to support evidence-informed and equitable aging-in-place initiatives across Canadian jurisdictions.

To enhance the quality and relevance of this work, CADTH is seeking to engage people with extensive personal and/or professional experience within a Canadian health system. 


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Consultation document: Draft HTERP Recommendation
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Product Line: Health Technology Review
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Project Number: OP0555-000