Real-World Evidence for Decision-Making

( Last Updated : August 12, 2022)

Real-World Evidence

Real-world evidence (RWE) is evidence about the use, safety, and effectiveness of a medical product, technology, or drug that is based on data from the real-world health care setting. It is playing an increasing role in health care decisions.

Read our Real-World Evidence Primer to learn more.

Real-World Evidence Steering Committee

The Real-World Evidence Steering Committee, chaired by CADTH, is a collaborative initiative responsible for supporting the development of a pan-Canadian strategic framework (infrastructure and process) for the use of RWE in regulatory and reimbursement decision-making for drug products by publicly funded programs in Canada.

Learn more about the Real-World Evidence Steering Committee.

Launch of CADTH’s Real-World Evidence for Rare Diseases Learning Period

CADTH has launched a learning period to better understand how to optimize the use of RWE to inform decision-making for drugs for rare diseases.

CADTH will leverage and enhance its existing role within the Canadian health system and coordinate collaborative learning projects to understand how to optimize the integration of RWE into decision-making for drugs for rare diseases.

One of CADTH’s early strategic goals is to accelerate learning by collecting Canadian case studies about how the integration of RWE can support decision-making. Other initiatives will include the development of:

  • standards and guidance for real-world data generation and access
  • processes to facilitate multi-stakeholder engagement and dialogue about planning and generating RWE
  • RWE guidance for health technology assessment in the Canadian setting
  • processes to facilitate partnerships between Canadian and international organizations.

Case Studies

CADTH is actively gathering case studies from organizations who have been generating or integrating RWE for decision-making in their work.

International Initiatives in Real-World Evidence and Real-World Data

CADTH is currently participating in several international initiatives:


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