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Industry Input and Feedback

Industry input is used by CADTH to gain feedback on the project scope of a non-sponsored reimbursement review. The industry input summary and individual submissions are included in the committee briefing materials. Input from industry is submitted to CADTH by manufacturers or sponsors of drugs that are under review.

Non-Sponsored Reimbursement Reviews

Steps for Providing Industry Input

Industry has a total of 35 business days to prepare and submit their input from the date of the open calls for input. CADTH sends out notifications for these open calls every Thursday, through its CADTH Weekly Update. Calls for industry input are also highlighted on the open calls page of the CADTH website.

To participate:

  • Download the industry input template 
  • Complete the template by the deadline given on the Open Calls page.
  • Send the completed template by using the Submit link next to the drug listed on the Open Calls page. The input must be filed as a Microsoft Word document by the posted deadline date for the information to be used by CADTH.

Steps for Providing Feedback on Draft Recommendations

Following CADTH’s review and expert committee deliberations, draft reimbursement recommendations are shared for feedback. New draft recommendations and open calls for feedback are highlighted in the CADTH Weekly Update.
To participate:
•    Download the template: stakeholder feedback on draft recommendation
•    Complete the feedback form by the deadline on the Open Calls page.
•    Submit the completed form by using the Submit link next to the drug on the Open Calls page.

Questions and Comments

If you have questions or need help to participate, please contact [email protected].
To learn more about CADTH non-sponsored reimbursement review process, you can go to the Procedures for CADTH Non-Sponsored Reimbursement Reviews.